Day 5: FU Money and Financial Freedom

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Young Money Plans

"FU, Pay Me"

Just kidding, you probably shouldn’t say that 😉

While our careers are important for our broader fulfillment, income is also the fastest way most people increase their net worth early on.

Negotiate for What You Want

We break down the fundamentals of negotiation and want to share a few quick tips here:

  1. Make sure you're negotiating for the right thing
  2. Know your alternatives (like leaving)
  3. Keep the entire pie in perspective
  4. Negotiating is hard; try principled negotiation.

We feel so strongly about this. We even interviewed diverse and anonymous individuals with career and negotiation stories, so that you can learn from others.

We At Least Want FU Money

FU money is about making life decisions without focusing solely on money. This will give you the financial freedom to quit your job, travel for a year or retire early.

But Great Money Comes with Great Responsibility

Money is power. We like building wealth, but money only brings a certain level of happiness. Using our power for good and giving back to the community is our longer term goal. Money is more meaningful when it's shared with others.

We are looking closely at where our money is going, from conscious shopping to donation strategies and impact investing.

Here are a few things to lookout for:

  1. Understand the brands you support and what they stand for
  2. Donate tax efficiently with company matching or Donor-Advised Funds
  3. Invest in companies you believe deserve to be around. We'll share impact index fund options soon 😊


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