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March 1, 2020
Young Money

About the blog:

Young Money Plans is a personal finance blog aimed to create and deliver straight forward content for any type of audience – with no fluff, bias, and sales pitch. We are the no-BS older sister you’ve always wanted. We come from a place of tough love and focus on delivering quality resources, and only want the best for our readers to reach their financial aspirations.

About the Authors: Anna & Emily
Anna and Emily chat about their vision for Young Money here.

Anna was inspired to start Young Money by conversations she was having with friends and family around personal finance. She has a career in professional investing (currently at a hedge fund, formerly at Goldman Sachs), which means that she researches companies and investment opportunities for attractive returns. 

In 2020, Emily joined Young Money after they met from the online personal finance community. At the time, Emily had left her startup job in San Francisco and adventured to Singapore to work on creative projects focused on tech in Asia and women empowerment. 

Together, you get a professional investor on Wall Street and a global community builder from Silicon Valley. Both are Asian American twentysomethings who grew up on opposite sides of the coast, but were raised with similar money philosophies. They see money as a tool for freedom, and want to positively impact the community by writing and sharing digestible, quality content.

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